Chong Khneas School in Siem Reap

Chong Khneas School in Siem Reap

CMS Staff Spreads Goodwill in Cambodia

1 July 2014 – Siem Reap, north-western Cambodia is known for her Angkor Wat Temple, a central feature of Angkor UNESCO World Heritage Site that intricately depicts the Khmer civilisation.

On their holiday to Siem Reap, 3 of our ladies – Beatrice Bity, Jency James and Jelening Seli found a golden opportunity to spread some of Malaysian goodwill to the “Land of Peace and Prosperity”. They stopped by a Chong Kneas “floating” primary school where 48 underprivileged students were schooled at. In spreading CMS’ Doing Good, they donated a sack of rice and a variety of scrumptious snacks to the school. “Nothing could beat the joy on the faces of the children”, mentioned Beatrice, upon receiving snacks. When asked whether they had similar projects in the future, our ladies all agree that “if they were given an opportunity, they would love to do it again”.

Spread Goodwill & Do Good…Regardless of where you are.

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